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Creative Cookies:
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"The mouth-watering photos are enough to send you running to the store for baking equipment and ingredients. Gorgeous works of art. A very good chapter on equipment.Recipes are clearly explained and a wealth of photographs and illustrations ensures that even novices will have success with their cookie-making marathons."
— New York Daily News


These cakes and cookies are just examples of what can be created or designed.


Originally designed for an issue of Brides' Magazine, this breathtaking cake resembles the finest details on a bride's dress. Lavish free-hand embroidery and brush embroidery piping begins the details of this dress. The bodice details are striking as well as the extension work piping at the base of the petticoat. A beautiful hand-shaped open flower, filled with hand-shaped edible pearls completes the magic. 

Serves: 20-25
Cost: $1,500.00

This extraordinary cake is a statement all to itself. Featured in the Spring's 2002 issue of In-Style Weddings — these two beautiful tiers are iced in white rolled icing with fine Australian stringwork which adorns the bottom of each tiers. The center drum is lavishly decorated with stringwork and classical drapery and the cake is complimented and adorned with hand-shaped silvery white balls and breathtaking blown sugar balls on top. 

Serves: 150
Cost: $5,000.00

A delicious applesauce fruitcake iced with marzipan and rolled icing is the setting for this elegant and elaborate cake. The cake is detailed in classic brush embroidery work, fine free-hand embroidery piping, and clusters of pretty blossoms used through the design. The cake's top is finished with a stunning rose cameo brocade, brushed with fine super pearl luster. The bottom of the cake is finished with a hand-shaped rope with tassels which compliments this unforgettable creation.  

Serves: 60-70
Cost: $2,500.00

This spectacular cake is iced in gold and it brings holiday cheers — complete with holly, berries, and a three-dimensional ornamental sugar ball with tassels. The cake is complete with exquisite cornelli lace piping added around the sides and the shoulders of the cake. One option for the inside could be a delicious almond paste or yellow cake filled with a pineapple curd and sandwiched with a delicious buttercream icing, and covered in marzipan and rolled fondant. 

Serves: 25-30
Cost: $1,250.00

This beautiful and "sexy" cake was originally designed for Kate's Manchester's The Perfect Wedding Cake book. The lovely "free-hand" drapery, along with "floating" lace and perfect brush embroidery work gives this piece a standing ovation. On top magnificent hand-shaped gumpaste flowers sets this cake apart. One option for the inside could be a lemon-coconut cake, laced with peach schnapps with lemon curd and delicious French vanilla buttercream which sandwiches the layers.

Serves: 60-75
Cost: $3,750.00

The perfect wedding favor, or an elegant finale to a sumptuous meal. These delicious and elegant butter and chocolate cookies are sure to get rave reviews from family members and or wedding guests.

Serves: 1 (3" cookie)
Cost: $15.00 each (assorted designs)

Simply elegant are the words used to describe this three-tiered creation. The top and bottom tiers are piped and lavished in the Australian string work style. The middle tier is monogrammed with his, hers and their shared initials. And the top ornament is handcrafted in gumpaste sugar flowers, which completes this elegant confection.

Serves: 125
Cost: $3,750.00

Present this masterpiece at your next luncheon or dinner party. This hand crafted showstopper features marzipan apples, peaches and black berries. The cake also features marzipan leaves, sugar paste blossoms and a richly textured basket weave design.

Serves: 30
Cost: $850.00 - $1,000.00

This stunning two-tiered cake is lavished in sugar-paste drapes, and adorned with white chocolate roses, tinted the way you want it to. Beautiful embroidery piping accentuates this creation, while attention is paid to simplicity and elegance. A must have cake for the creative bride wanting great taste and an abundance of style.

Serves: 50-65
Cost: $1,175.00

For the couple that wants it all. These lavishly decorated cookies are sure to be the envy of all of your guests. Choice of butter, chocolate or almond paste cookies. Each cookie is a work of art and is iced in a rolled sugar icing.

Serves: 1 (2 to 3 1/2 " cookie)
Cost: $15.00 (each assorted design)

This heart-shape cake, adorned with royal icing hanging hearts and a lovely arrangement of sweet sugar flowers is a sumptuous tribute to a newly engaged couple. Sweetheart iced cookies adorn the table and are given to guest, packaged in gift bags as a token remembrance of this special day.

Serves: 25
Cost: $1,000.00
Cookies: $7.50 each

Are you in the doghouse? Did you forget an Anniversary or Birthday… one look at this sumptuous chocolate treat says 'I love you'? This two-tier chocolate cookie is iced in dark modeling chocolate. A hand-sculptured gilded rose with leaves adorns this elegant creation. Available in dark, milk and white chocolate.

Serves: 2
Cost: $125.00 each

This chocolate/fudge cake, covered in mocha flavored rolled icing is the perfect dessert for a formal setting. The exquisite hand-piped stitching is a jewel as a groom's cake - a perfect toast for the man in your life.

Serves: 40
Cost: $1,000.00 - $1,250.00

Roll out the welcome mat for new neighbors or take this lavishly decorated cookie to a housewarming. Devour the white chocolate roses and break-up the shortbread iced cookie. Sure to please any neighbor.

Serves: 6
Cost: $250.00 each

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